Cape York Barges

Cape York marine freight and logistics

Cape York Barges are able to provide cost effective over-water freight and logistic support for remote and limited access applications.

Capable of making way in only 500mm of water and surveyed to carry up to 6 tonnes of deck cargo, the ‘Evening Star’ is a versatile solution for remote and limited access applications, with airconditioned liveaboard capability.

Cape York Barges own and operate a 50 foot aluminium barge, ‘Evening Star 1’ is particularly suited to the ‘cost effective’ movement of goods/freight or vehicles/machinery (- up to 6 tonnes?). With 2C survey compliance we can also carry up to 8 people.

Designed to operate in very shallow water (Evening Star 1 can make way in half a meter of water) we are able to access places where larger vessels simply cannot go. Whether it’s way upriver or an island surrounded by reef, we specialise in remote location jobs. With no regular commitments, is a ‘bespoke’ charter barge operator and ‘at your disposal’ to go where and when you need us. We arrive ‘on time’ and work within weather and tidal constraints, day or night to get your job done.

Evening Star 1 is fully set up to accommodate her crew in air-conditioned comfort – no need to consider meals and accommodation for us – our service is self sufficient, no matter how remote.

All enquiries to: Val Johns -­ 0414 861 287
PO Box 951, Edge Hill Qld 4870
ABN: 84 934 920 584