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Fishing, sightseeing and Beach-combing Adventures

With her shallow draft capability ‘Evening Star 1’ and her experienced crew can take you to those coastal ‘hideaways’, rivers, creeks, islands and bays that rarely see another boat (and if we do we just move on to another deserted spot), and the fishing and wildlife you’ll experience are almost secondary to the serenity.
Imagine the sun setting on your action packed day after catching the famous Barramundi, watching Jabiru’s dance in the shallows and Sea Eagles somersaulting over one another in courtship displays, wily crocodiles poking their heads out to see whether there’s a chance of an easy meal coming their way, and here you are safely onboard Evening Star 1, with an icy cold drink in hand, and trying to imagine how tomorrow could possibly be any better.

Whilst Evening Star 1 is particularly suited to river and coastal locations where the famous Barramundi reign supreme, when the time of year turns favourable (usually around October until March) and the ocean is calm for days on end we love nothing better than being out on the edge of the Barrier Reef and Coral Sea, where the water is soo clear you won’t believe it. This is where the scenery and the fishing are simply mind blowing. Snow white sand cays to snorkel from where you’ll feel so safe as you stand on the bottom and see the water fade into such a distant blue haze you have no idea how far you really can see. Or if you’re feeling a little more adventurous, out on the edge of the reef where the drop off reveals a constant passing parade of those toothy predators in their endless quest for another snack. Don’t worry, when the adrenaline gets too much for you we’ll have the tender right there for you to climb in and get your breath back.

From a Cape York and Barrier Reef Island cruise to a remote river catching magnificent mud crabs and the famous Barramundi, we can tailor a trip for you and just one or two friends (we don’t do crowds) that will get you where the fish and the wildlife are, and no one else is!