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Because almost every charter is different, so are the costs. We always tailor our charges to be as reasonable as possible. In order to provide a guideline please assume the following;
  • Standard Daily Rate fully crewed = $2,500.00  plus running costs (fuel) + GST
  • Generous discounts apply for multiple day charters and for ‘favourable’ location work.
*Fishing charters also attract generous discounts, particularly if the destination is attractive to the skipper.
Cape York Barges have undertaken and completed an amazing variety of individual charters since their inception a decade ago. From delivering missionary’s and aid to remote Western Province PNG, to retrieving a crashed light aircraft from a remote Cape York island. We’ve provided support to film crews, mining company’s and environmental groups, almost always in remote locations.
Just a few of our previous clients include; Fremantle Media Group, Rio Tinto Austraila, National Geographic Magazine, Metallica Minerals, Oresome Australia and numerous less well known customers.